Pineapple Lover - Bundle

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Let's have a pineapple party! 

Made in Canada - Cruelty-free - Travel-sized approved (TSA)

“Be a pineapple: Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.” ― Katherine Gaskin

Pineapples are a symbol of big greetings and warm welcomes. Pop open this pineapple and say a big “welcome” to soft, moisturized lips and a big smile. This pineapple is packed with the highest quality coconut and sweet almond oils designed
to make your smackers moist, nourished and protected. 


Option 1
1 Clear Pineapple Hand Sanitizer, 1 Pink Pineapple Hand Sanitizer, 1 Teal Key Lime Lip Balm, 1 Cotton Bag

Option 2

2 Pink Pineapple Hand Sanitizer, 1 Pink Strawberry-Mango lip balm, 1 Cotton Bag

Customer Reviews

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Alicia Perkins

I’m a pineapple LOVER and when I saw they make awesome lip balm AND refillable hand sanitizer in pineapple shapes I HAD to have. As a chapstick connoisseur (where I mean there is ALWAYS a chapstick in reach for me) their products are top notch and as long as you keep the pineapple shape I’ll be a customer for life!! Hand sanitizer is amazing and smells amazing, you don’t instantly regret sniffing your hands after applying because admit it…we all do that now lol!! Bonus is refillable, thanks for saving the environment xo

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