Pineapple Hand Sanitizer - 3 PACK

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Who said sanitizing can't be fun? 
Introducing the first small batch of our refillable, crystal-inspired pineapple sanitizer.
80% alcohol - packed with Japanese peppermint essential oil to keep your hands from drying out.
(doesn't hurt that it smells fantastic)
Please stay healthy. 

Save few bucks when you buy them by 3!
Can be refilled with the 500ML refill bottle.

Made in Canada.

60 ML | 2 FL OZ | 80% alc./vol.

In compliance with the World Health Organization. 
NPN# 80108612

DIRECTIONS: Rub thoroughly into hands. Allow drying. Supervise children when they use this product.

MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS | INGRÉDIENTS MÉDICINAUX: Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) - 80% | Alcool Éthylique (Ethanol) - 80% | 3% Hydrogen Peroxide/Peroxyde d'hydrogène.

NON-MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS | INGRÉDIENTS NON MÉDICINAUX: Distilled Water/Eau, Glycerol/Glycérine & Mentha Piperita (Japanese Peppermint) Oil. 

CAUTIONS AND WARNINGS: Flammability warning. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, call a poison control centre or get medical help right away. If irritation occurs, stop using immediately. When using this product, avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.

Customer Reviews

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Pauline Picotte
Amazing products

Got these for a wedding shower. Perfect little gift.

Keri Morrison

Nice to use on its own - or I’m going to put 1 in the regular gelled sanitizer to make it more pleasant to use

Laurie L
Love this!!

This makes using hand sanitizer pleasurable! The packaging is so cute and the fresh, minty smell is fantastic!
I agree with the previous reviewer that you cannot spray it and then spread it in your hands like you do with many other spray sanitizers, but I feel this is more to do with the fine mist that the sprayer provides. I personally like this about the product, as I’ve used other sprays that leave my hands dripping sanitizer on my clothing after I spray and before I can rub it in my hands. Just make sure you spray the complete surface of your hands, and then enjoy the mess free minty freshness!!

Matthew Biscope
Great product idea! Execution could use a little work IMO

Love the concept! A fun spray-san with a witty Rebels Refinery twist, the only thing I think could be improved is the amount of playtime the product has in the hand.

Ive found that it has little spread when sprayed into the palm, that by the time I get a couple goes into each hand a majority of the ethanol has volitized and its largely the glycerol and mentha oil left, which is great for smell and humectance, but leaves the primary action (sanitizing) a little insufficient.

Id suggest lower the ethanol fraction to a 70% or do a 30:40 (IPA:ETOH), the sterics of IPA gives it a slower vapour point, and Im sure ethanol is a cheaper more avaliable sani option right now so cutting it in the above way would help keep production cost effective.

I'm sure this is something you ran thru in product dev, but just some thoughts from a chemist who's passionate about formulation.

As far as the experience of the component, brilliant! The spiked cap adds tactility and 'whats that!?' factor, the atomizer generates a really gentle but 'oomphy' mist.*chefs kiss*

Overall, 4/5 and I've still given a few out to friends and they love it, so definitely on to something!

Cheers Rebels!

Kristie Boeykens
Love love love

Smells great

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