Hydrating Face Mist

Help support the appearance of healthy, nourished skin with this 100% natural facial mist. Rose hydrosol soothes while Geranium helps balance sebum production and minimizes pores. Aloe hydrates and acts as a protective barrier on the skin while Glycerin helps to retain that moisture leaving the skin looking healthy and radiant.

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Ingredients & Benefits

Rose Hydrosol

  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-bacterial
  • soothes the skin
  • reduces redness

Geranium Hydrosol

  • maintains the balance of sebum production
  • helps to minimize pores, tighten and tone the skin
  • boosts collagen, repairs damaged skin cells, promotes cell regeneration
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  • humectant, retains moisture
  • emollient, softens the skin
  • increases skin hydration, relieves dryness, and refreshes the skin's surfacee

Aloe Vera Juice

  • hydrates and creates a protective barrier on the skin
  • antimicrobial and an antioxidant
  • calms and soothes itchy skin while moisturizing and protecting the skin from trans-epidermal water loss
  • vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids nourish the skin
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Why will it become your skincare indispensable? ✨

On the go or at home, discover the many facets of this moisturizing facial mist.

Why is this the new must-have item for your skin? ✨

On the go or at home, discover the many facets of this moisturizing facial mist.

a toner

Between cleansing and moisturizing, just a few sprays will hydrate your skin and maintain your skin's pH balance. Spray directly on your face or on a reusable cotton pad for a deeper clean.

a freshener

Keep this cutie in your purse to give your skin a glow-up throughout the day or freshen up sweaty skin on a hot summer day or after a workout.

the best make-up ally

Before applying your make-up, spritz on to help moisturize and prep your skin. When you’re done, spray again to give your make-up a dewy glow.

Suitable for all skin types, its natural floral scent will be your favourite in a couple of sprays! The travel-sized pineapple-shaped bottle makes it easy to carry to the office, take on a plane, or put in your purse when going out with friends. It'll also just look cute in your washroom or on your desk.

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What pairs perfectly with our hydrating face mist?

Cleansing oil

When massaged into your skin, this oil will dissolve dirt and oil to help prevent impurities. Oil cleansers also remove even the most stubborn eye makeup.

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Reusable cotton pads

Whether you want to wipe off the cleansing oil, remove your make-up, or apply the face mist for a deeper clean, these will be a staple item in your bathroom cabinet.

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Hand lotion

Add this cutie to your keychain, and you'll have everything you need to feel good on the go. This non-greasy lotion will make your day better.

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